PLEN & Goertek

PLENGoer Robotics is a company co-founded by PLEN Project and the GoerTek Group and specializes in the development of practical household and personal service robots.

About Plen

plen plen

Established in 2004.
Through "robot development", "art" and "education", PLEN Project has introduced activities for not only experts, but for all people including adults and children to experience the fun and potentials of creating robots and other products. Our signature product is our open source and printable robot, PLEN.
Our aim is to change the relationship between humans and robots (intelligent machines) through user innovation.

About Goertek

goertek goertek

Established in 2001.
GoerTek is a developer, manufacturer and seller of precision equipment.
In addition to our main factory in Shandong province, China, we have offices in the USA, Japan, Denmark, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and employ 40,000 people.
GoerTek offers vertical integration from mold manufacturing to assembly with highly automated production lines. We specialize in the production of sound and multimedia technology products; and the audio equipment we produce, including microphones and speakers, are recognized to be among the best in the world.

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