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For developers
PLEN Cube Developer Model

PLEN Cube Developer Model

This model comes with PLEN Cube Software Development Kit (SDK) which enables users to link PLEN Cube to external web services and customize PLEN Cube functions.
It allows users to customize its motions and dialog, as well as to create specialized functions. We provide 3 types of SDK according to the customizable content.

3 Types of SDK for Different Levels of Customization

Intuitive customization with visual editor

Scenario SDK + PLEN Cube Developer Model

This SDK allows creating original scenarios by arranging PLEN Cube's basic built-in functions in sequential / parallel execution in a visual editor.
Additionally, it also includes a motion tool to finely adjust PLEN Cube's movement and create original motions. It can be used intuitively even for non-engineers.

PLEN Cube Basic Functions

Speech recognition, Speech synthesis, Motion, Display control, IR control, Camera control, Motion sensor control, Accelerometer control, Network communication, etc.

Users can create original scenarios based on these functions using the visual editor

※Application distribution is not supported with this SDK type. To use application distribution, please purchase the User Application SDK / Full Customize SDK

Supports commercial license
ROS base for a more flexible application development

User Application SDK + PLEN Cube Developer Model

This SDK allows on board application development in common programming languages (Python, C/C++, etc.) based on ROS, which is a widely used robotics middleware both commercially and academically. This SDK is intended for software engineers and developers who would like more flexibility in customization compared to Scenario SDK.

Development using programming language (Python, C/C++, etc.)

SSH access to PLEN Cube

Custom voice commands and dialog

Supports commercial license
Full customize type enabling use of API in all levels, for users striving for more performance and fine control

Full Customize SDK + PLEN Cube Developer Model

On top of the capabilities offered by the User Application SDK, this SDK also allows the user to fully customize the implementation of the PLEN Robotics Inc. official application such as speech recognition and peripheral device control.

User Application SDK capabilities

Modification of the official application

※Official application refers to application developed by PLEN Robotics Inc.

You can develop systems such as:

AI assistant PLEN Cube
Medical screening questionnaire system
AI assistant PLEN Cube
Automatic door access system using face recognition
AI assistant PLEN Cube
Automatic order and payment system using face recognition

Commercial License for Application Distribution

Registration to the official package repository is required to distribute applications developed using the SDK. The registration maintenance fee (Commercial License) for each device is starting from 300 yen/month.

Package registration

License fee per device: from 300 JPY / month

Contact us for further information
about commercial use

※You must receive approval to obtain a commercial license.

PLEN Cube Developer Model + SDK types comparison

Scenario SDK User Application SDK Full Customize SDK
Price 1,370.00 USD 5510.00 USD 19,330.00 USD
Development base Block ROS ROS
Application distribution
(Commercial license)
Creating motion
SSH Access ×